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The entrepreneur's chair is a lonely seat. Limited staff; few resources; many problems.

Sustainability of your enterprise can only result when the venture, large or small, successfully tests market realities and both entrepreneurs and investors are convinced that the probability of success outweighs the risks they are prepared to take. 

The challenges:  Timely & effective DECISION MAKING
                              Understanding the TRUE COSTS OF PRODUCT/SERVICE DELIVERY
              Managing CASH FLOW

Successful management of early and mid-market enterprises demands attention to all business functions. Growing revenue is not the sole answer to profitability. Generating cash from operations can  make the difference between success or business failure.  

Entrepreneurs are visionaries, nimble and concerned that the result of their efforts will have a societal as well as economic benefit. This represents a unique culture and contribution to the business environment. Our efforts are designed to contribute knowledge and expertise to help management integrate all of the business functions needed to meet the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

For the early stage venture, market penetration and financial results dominate the measure of success or failure. BMD Advisors assists the management team to achieve a profitable, stable, growing venture. 

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